Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2017

Document Type


Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors



First Advisor

Ivan Smalyukh

Second Advisor

Paul Beale

Third Advisor

Bengt Fornberg


With two-photon photopolymerization (2PP), it is possible to design and produce composite materials with three dimensional control and sub-micron precision, thanks to highly localized nonlinear process of polymerization. In this work, the feasibility of fabricating mesostructured composite particles with pre-defined shape and topology is examined. We explored polymerizable materials from both commercial sources and laboratory products as well as variable laser parameters, including pulse width and intensity along with dwell time, to find optimum conditions for 2PP. Later 2PP was performed on polymerizable materials containing quantum dots dispersion and the optical response of the resultant composite was characterized with spectroscopy. In addition to regular isotropic photopolymers, elastomers with liquid crystal phase were also studied, paving the way for engineering composite materials with anisotropic thermomechanical responses.