Undergraduate Honors Theses

Some Kind of Paradise

Udval Altangerel, University of Colorado, Boulder


Some Kind of Paradise, or SKP, is a cultural media and publishing organization that recently launched in Denver. Mostly featuring the works of artists and creators of color, SKP wants to change the dominant narratives around arts, activism, and publishing. The documentary will explore some of this discourse by featuring the four artists that have founded SKP: Adrian Molina, Sheree Brown, Ramon and Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish. By interviewing the artists about their collective and their ideas of paradise, the film explores the larger influences of Afrofuturism and artivism on their work. In the process of making this film, the filmmaker learns what paradise means to her – a sense of belonging and a community. As a woman of color and a foreigner in the United States, she struggles to belong in most spaces. However, while realizing the intersection of her version of paradise and that of SKP’s, she finds solidarity and community with the four artists that are at the heart of SKP.