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Spring 2016

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Departmental Honors



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Matthew Koschmann


The student athlete identity is one that is heavily influenced by the organization in which student athletes are a part. What makes this organizational regulation unique is the fact that there is organizational regulation occurring within organizational regulation. In other words, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates the identity of the student athlete through each college institution. This identity regulation occurs in many different ways. Through messages and expectations, student athletes aspire to the ideal student athlete — challenging their identity through regulations, contingency, and value structures that favor ideal representation, character and winning. Student athletes across the board strive to achieve the expected student athlete identity, student athletes meet this standard even through resistance and conformity is achieved.

The identity of the student athlete is one that is regulated and maintained through the organization that they are affiliated with. Organizational regulation is very successful for the student athlete identity. Student athletes strive to become ideal student athletes for their organization even when there is the urge to resist.