Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2016

Document Type


Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors


Environmental Design

First Advisor

Kimberly Drennan

Second Advisor

Georgia Lindsay

Third Advisor

Penelope Kelsey


This thesis uses the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Central Oregon as the study site to create a set of guiding principles to establish successful community planning methods within Tribal communities focused on Tribal housing. I relied on (1) the history of Tribal Housing policy in the United States, (2) the history of housing on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, and (3) examples of successful Tribal planning projects on reservations within the United States, to determine the qualities needed for a successful Tribal housing development. The guiding principles are designed to serve as a model for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, along with other tribal communities, to improve the expectations of Tribal housing projects on reservations.