Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literature

First Advisor

Beverly M. Weber

Second Advisor

Ann C. Schmiesing

Third Advisor

Davide Stimilli


The following thesis is a study of Aras Ören's 1995 novel Berlin Savignyplatz. This novel moves away from the New Left's discourse on guest workers as helpless victims and toward a view that refuses to essentialize identities. The text does this by using instances of mass media to expose contradictions in the New Left's discourse on guest workers, by signaling poststructuralist understandings of the subject, and by showing the decline of a Marxist worldview.

In addition to scholarly works that speak to the writings of Aras Ören, this thesis utilizes secondary literature on media representations in society, postmodernism and postmodernist writings, poststructuralism, post-Marxism, and globalization. The first section "Aras Ören and Media" gives a brief biography of Aras Ören and explores some of his experience with different forms of media. "Mass Media in Berlin Savignyplatz" is an in-depth investigation of the concept of mediated reality and identity and mass media's presence in Berlin Savignyplatz. "Postmodernism and Post-Marxism in Berlin Savignyplatz" contextualizes this novel within a changing political and historical landscape using the concepts of postmodernism and post-Marxism. Finally, "Conclusion: Ören in Various Literary Contexts" attempts to locate Aras Ören and the novel in question within Turkish German literature, German literature, and also European literature.