Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Management & Entrepreneurship

First Advisor

Sharon F. Matusik

Second Advisor

Ramiro Montealegre

Third Advisor

Jeffrey York

Fourth Advisor

David Balkin

Fifth Advisor

Brad Bernthal


Institutions are an important driver for economic growth and development. Institutions are different in emerging and developing economies. Differences in incentives trigger differences in behavior, shaping firms’ decisions and performance in particular, and economies’ faith at large. Specifically, I aim to advance the understanding on how institutions, and the lack of them: a) shape entrepreneurial ventures’ growth decisions, b) shape entrepreneurial ventures’ performance, and c) shape the advancement in the literature on institutional voids.

Following a three-paper format, the first two papers are empirical and explore how country level institutions and firm level capabilities shape technology startups’ decisions (outsourcing vs. hiring) and outcomes (survival) during and after participation of the world’s largest international accelerator program, Startup Chile. Paper 3, instead, is a theory paper that summarizes and advances the literature around institutional voids, a concept that has gained much popularity across the business field, but has grown fragmented. In the next lines I present the abstract for each of these papers.