Maiden Mother Crone

Courtney Morgan, University of Colorado Boulder


With the broken shards of fairy tales, monster tales, myths, and horror, Maiden Mother Crone locates the feminine voice where it slips up between the cracks, and ultimately reassembles language, the body, and sexuality into some strange and beautiful monster. The body becomes a site of language, of the physical interaction with language and identity, of an attempt to in some way reclaim part of what is lost. Characters defy prototypical forms of femininity that deny anger and violence, and begin to take ownership of their innate urges toward rage, destruction, and sex. Not violence for its own sake, but as a mode of discovery and reclamation. A sense of destroying in order to recover and remake. Tracing the life cycle of female psychosexual development, the stories progress from violence and dismemberment, to a re-membering and re-calling of identity.