Date of Award

Spring 4-1-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Albin J. Gasiewski

Second Advisor

Dejan Filipovic

Third Advisor

Henry Everitt

Fourth Advisor

Edward Kuester

Fifth Advisor

Andreas Muschinski


This program was implemented by Lawrence J. Scally for a Ph.D. under the EECE department at the University of Colorado at Boulder with most funding provided by the U.S. Army. Professor Gasiewski is the advisor and guider for the entire program; he has a strong history decades ago in this type of program. This program is developing a more advanced than previous years transmissometer, called Terahertz Atmospheric and Ionospheric Propagation, Absorption and Scattering System (TAIPAS), on an open path between the University of Colorado EE building roof and the mesa on owned by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); NIST has invested money, location and support for the program. Besides designing and building the transmissometer, that has never be accomplished at this level, the system also analyzes the atmospheric propagation of frequencies by scanning between 320 GHz and 340 GHz, which includes the peak absorption frequency at 325.1529 GHz due to water absorption. The processing and characterization of the deterministic and random propagation characteristics of the atmosphere in the real world was significantly started; this will be executed with varies aerosols for decades on the permanently mounted system that is accessible 24/7 via a network over the CU Virtual Private Network (VPN).