Date of Award

Summer 5-23-2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Civil Engineering (MCE)


Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering

First Advisor

Paul M. Goodrum

Second Advisor

Matthew R. Hallowell

Third Advisor

Keith R. Molenaar


Transportation is a dynamic environment with large fluctuations in workloads, reductions in workforce, hiring restrictions, among other constraints. Construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services offer a flexible strategy to reduce workloads, and to add private industry knowledge. It is beneficial for State DOTs to use their field engineering and project management areas to supervise CEI consultants. Thus, program oversight should be a major consideration in the management of CEI consultants. For this reason, the collection of processes, and procedures used to oversee CEI consultants through a literature review and an online survey was essential. The literature review of past reports and present agencies documents (request for proposals, scope of services, scope of works, etc.) uncovered the common activities used under CEI services. In addition, it allowed the organization of this information into a CEI table. This table served as a guide in the preparation of the online survey. The data obtained from the survey revealed the tools most often used and their frequency usage. The results indicate that some tools are highly used among most of the participants. In other instances, the same tools were the most selected but differed by their frequency usage. In few occurrences, the use and the frequency usage of tools was divided between always using it and never using it. The CEI function table and the results will serve as a guide in the oversight of CEI consultants, and as roadmap to implement CEI. Finally, this thesis presents a mapping of the activities of CEI services, the tools being used, the level of use and frequency usage of the tools, the user level of states (including District of Columbia), the number of CEI contracts issued, and that no relationship exists between the CEI user level of participating agencies with the tool frequency usage level. This information will allow readers to review their own procedures, tools, and policies for adequate tools to use in their own oversight programs.