Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2013

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering (ME)

First Advisor

Michael Brandemuehl

Second Advisor

Zhiqiang Zhai


Calibrated energy models are used throughout the building science community for many different purposes. There are a number of publications and studies that describe calibration approaches and validation methods. The U.S. Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon program saw the need to develop detailed model creation and calibration procedures using monitored data of energy efficient residential buildings. This document contains detailed procedures and tools that use short term monitored data to create a customized EnergyPlus input file. A multi-step approach is developed that utilizes the data to calibrate the model. Several approaches to calibrating the building envelope are investigated and reveal that each approach produces a calibrated model with different envelope parameters. While these calibrations produce different results, most of them still qualify as adequately calibrated by existing guidelines which calls into questions if the current metrics used to declare an energy model "calibrated" are suitable for residential applications.