Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

First Advisor

C. Walter Beamer IV

Second Advisor

Gregor Henze

Third Advisor

Mark Jongewaard


This document provides the documentation of the development of a new High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) system for the University of Colorado Boulder, testing of the HDRI system with a novel calibration system, and the evaluation of the most commonly used High Dynamic Range (HDR) image creation software options. One of the primary goals of this document is to provide a comprehensive literature search of published research related to HDRI and its applications. While this particular research project will not cover all of these topics, they are included here as a resource and guide for future HDRI research projects to be conducted at the University. As a part of that goal, this project will develop a new HDRI system for the University to use in future research projects. This involves determining the correct calibration procedures necessary to obtain useful data through camera response function recovery and the creation of vignetting correction filters. A novel calibration system using small integrating spheres and LEDs is developed and tested. An introduction of this system is provided here in addition to some preliminary tests of the new HDRI system to determine the applicability of the calibration device for further HDRI research. Finally, an evaluation of various HDR image software options is performed. The results of these tests will inform which software options are best suited for the needs of future HDRI research to be conducted at the University.