Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Museum and Field Studies

First Advisor

John P. Kociolek

Second Advisor

Jill Dreves

Third Advisor

Robert M. West


In 2004 the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts launched a $280 million dollar fundraising initiative, "The Campaign for the Museum of Science: Creating the Science & Technology Center of the 21st Century". On June 15th of this year (2015), the Museum will celebrate the successful completion of a $250 million dollar campaign, "Imagine, Innovate, Inspire". The following research explores this unique tale of two campaign case statements in order to answer questions related to donor accountability and public transparency. During a concentrated fund raising effort like a campaign, an organization will produce written collateral that embodies the new vision they seek to obtain. As a result of heightened visibility and public awareness, campaigns are often covered in media and press. This thesis poses the following questions; Do museums deliver on the promises made in their case statements? How do they account for success in a campaign? How is that success shared or celebrated, and with who?

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Appendix A-F