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Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2007


Computer Science

First Advisor

Susanne Sherba


Video game creation is one of the many sub-types of software development and poses both unique problems and solutions. One of the main differences between video game development and conventional software development is that video games are mostly created for entertainment rather than practical or calculation purposes. Also, video games have a tendency to be complex, large projects which can make them difficult to create, because development can take years. Agile development, on the other hand, is designed to adapt and evolve along with the project. This type of development can help projects clearly see what is bogging them down, as well as see where they are going. Applying the agile process in the form of Scrum can potentially solve many of the problems that persist within game development. This document will present what problems currently exist with game development, such as the complexity and non functional requirements that video games have. Also, it will go over a general overview of Agile, and a more in depth look at Scrum, the particular Agile method used in the experiment. Also, it will discuss the experiment process and recruitment process that was used. Along with the experiment process, it also explains what signature qualities were looked for.