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Publication Date

Summer 8-21-2006


Computer Science

First Advisor

Michael Main


Many different formats exist for storing different types of images. Photographs of natural scenes usually are best suited to be stored as Raster images. But drawings are better off if stored as Vector graphics. Some formats can even store both types of images, but none of the existing formats can change itself to adopt a balance between both methods, based on the content of the image. This project introduces a new format that has a built-in capability to store both Raster images and Vector graphics. Unlike others, this format automatically breaks apart an input image and stores them in appropriate formats; some parts are stored as Raster, others as Vector. This format allows better quality resizing. Also, images stored in this format occupy less disk space in some cases, when compared with other existing formats. Because of its new approach, this format has the potential to be used in applications where other formats may not be able to perform effectively.