Colorado Research in Linguistics

Volume 8 (1979)


After a year's hiatus, Colorado Research in Linguistics is again being published under the auspices of the Linguistics Department, University of Colorado at Boulder. This 1979 edition presents papers by linguistics faculty and students alike, with a notable emphasis on analysis of American Indian Languages. This year, for the first time, the linguistics graduate students had the responsibility for compiling and editing the CRIL. The editor would like to thank interested students and faculty for their contributions, and would like to urge other students in the future to support this worthy publication with their time and ideas. Finally, thanks go to Professor David S. Rood, faculty advisor to the CRIL.

David Sudbeck, Editor

Working Papers

Faculty Advisor

David Rood

Volumes 1 (1971) through 23 (2012) have been published in print and electronic formats and according to differing style guides, prior to the automated formatting associated with its current publication platform. Accordingly, there may be slight styling issues (e.g. duplicate headings) and variations present in these past works.