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Positive and Negative Attributes Assigned to Soundscapes on a University Campus in Relation to Demographic Information and Participant Comfort Public Deposited

  • Positive or negative attributes characterize soundscapes on the CU Boulder campus through participant responses and binaural sound recordings.  The following research utilizes the soundwalk methodology outlined in the ISO/ TS 12913-2:2018 to characterize the soundscapes on campus.  In the soundwalk, five locations were compared by the way each location was characterized by the participants. Twenty-four total participants joined the soundscape research over three separate soundwalk events.  The participants were asked to respond to a survey that was outlined by ISO/ TS 12913-2:2018.  Binaural sound recordings were also done in addition to the survey during each of the three soundwalk events.  Questions about participant comfort and demographic information were included to analyze the participants' responses further in relation to the soundscapes.  Participant comfort further characterized each location as positive or negative.  Demographic information was also found to be an important addition to the survey as the results suggested there may be a link between age and role at CU Boulder in relation to the perceived comfort of the location and preferred sound sources.  The results from the research suggest that other noise or industrial noise as the primary sound sources may characterize the space as more negative.  In contrast to this, the most positive location of the soundwalk was a green space, used primarily for recreation. 

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  • 2023-03-22
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  • 2023-04-19
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