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Fire Flower: The Magic of the Narrative Space Public Deposited

  • One of the most important and influential aspects of my life has been my relationship with a highly creative and magical girl named Kalyn, who I met when I was in preschool and have remained best friends with. The basis of our relationship has always been a fascination with magic, beauty, and storytelling. On almost every occasion, Kalyn and I could be found searching for portals to other realms, dreaming of dragons and ghosts, and creating new personas for ourselves. These portals always seemed to ultimately evade us, so when we were about 12, we created our own portal. This came in the form of a story called “Into the Land of Brinn”. The story detailed our adventure into another dimension where we were princesses (and later goddesses) meant to save a magical world from destruction. The stories we wrote, especially “Brinn”, grew with us and changed. We continued to define our identities with our alter egos--a Tiger and a Wolf. These stories remained important stepping stones in our relationship as well as our personal growth. I’ve attempted to take the story of “Brinn”, as well as Hi-8 video footage of other stories we created as children, and create an experimental vision of children’s narratives and the way that imagination changes over time. My goal with this piece is to remind viewers of the importance of fantasy and narrative, as well as provide a portrait of Kalyn’s and my relationship. I hope that this work can exist as a visual representation of not only the stories, but the elements existing beneath them. There is something particularly magical and powerful that happens when two children create together, and I aim to capture this magic visually and create an experience that is intimate, fun, and visually delightful. The accompanying paper explores the way that these stories emerge as cathartic works. My research has focused primarily on the way that children use stories to cope with and control uncertain realities. It will also provide more insight into Kalyn’s and my relationship and our use of storytelling and “Brinn”. I’ve provided interviews with my family members to further the exploration of our home-movies. My process, which was an attempt to get into the spontaneous mindset of a child once again, is detailed here as well.
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  • 2019-01-01
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