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Finding Hope in Narrative Chaos: Yuying baojuan and Women’s Redemption Public Deposited

  • In the precious scroll Yuying baojuan 玉英寶卷, there is a proposed main heroine in the story, Yuying. Yuying is sent through many trials, including family feuding, deceit, and even murder, all along her cultivation path. Despite her struggles, there lies an underlying question of who is Yuying baojuan’s true heroine? Through reading the precious scroll, three significant scenes were selected that provided opportunity for close reading of the story arch regarding the relationship between Yuying and her mother. By narrowing in on three scenes, close reading and analysis became possible. The goal was to compare and contrast Yuying and her mother’s experiences as women in this text and how this relationship fits into the greater scheme of literature. The major finding after studying this text was when the focus was shifted away from Yuying’s seemingly perfect life. Onto the problematic mother, there was a much more inspiring and moving story. Yuying’s mother lived a troubled life at the beginning of Yuying baojuan and was able to change her life for the better and ultimately save herself. This story became less about the perfect road to cultivation but more about a narrative of hope. Yuying baojuan, though historically understudied provides valuable insight into the female experience, and deserves to remain in the conversation.

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  • 2021-04-07
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  • 2021-04-13
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