Undergraduate Honors Thesis


The Challenge of Discerning Relational Authenticity in a Digital Age Public Deposited

  • In a world where so much of our daily interactions and processes are being adopted by or translated to the digital realm, it’s no wonder why I am confused about the state of reality and its role in my relationships. Questions surrounding authenticity or genuineness pervade my experiences as I wonder what it means to be close to someone, what it means to be genuine, and even what is real. To cope with these questions, I turn to my art practice, bringing physical form to the virtual, exposing myself through stereotypically impersonal media, or breaching the lines of appropriate interaction in a way similar to many advancements in technology. While these projects and practices reveal the complexities of the topic as opposed to solving or answering any of the problems or questions, I attempt to engage in discussion and prompt conversation that can lead to a coping or acceptance of the state of relationships in the midst of these colliding digital and physical worlds.
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  • 2011-04-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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