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Longitudinal Relationships between Cannabis and Sleep Quality Public Deposited

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  • There is a lack of causal evidence that cannabis is useful in promoting quality sleep although many people are using cannabis to assist their sleep. I hypothesize that chronic users will have worse sleep quality than non-users and that people who use CBD for four weeks will have better sleep quality than those using THC or THC+CBD together for four weeks. Participants included 46 females and 70 males (majority White, well-educated, healthy individuals) who were quasirandomly assigned to a cannabis strain group (CBD, THC, THC+CBD) or were non-using control participants. Cannabis groups were asked to use their strain over the course of four weeks. Participants completed a sleep quality survey before and after these four weeks. Results showed that non-users had better sleep quality than users, and this was consistent across cannabis strain. Further studies are necessary to determine whether, and under what conditions, cannabis use has benefits versus harms for sleep.

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  • 2022-10-31
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  • 2022-11-02
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