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Female Authority, Artistic Expression, and the Individual Voice: The Journey from Theoretical Research to Personal Assertion Public Deposited

  • Avant Guerre, an interdisciplinary performance art concert produced by WolfTank Productions premiered in the ATLAS Institute Black Box Theater in November 2011. Choreographer and artistic director, Mollie Wolf examines her experience through the research, creation, and performance processes of Avant Guerre. Wolf’s research explores the negotiations women in places of political power have to make within times of war, and the ways that the female identity interacts with violent culture. She seeks to discover the arenas where women have power in violent interactions and from where that power comes, recognizing that much of this power is attributed to women only within the context of patriarchal systems. Given the history of artistic expression and its power in producing awareness, consciousness, transformation, and social movement, it provides a valuable approach to sharing and communicating social knowledge. Wolf aims to engage in progressive scholarship and research by merging academic research with artistic expression and personal experience. The purpose of Wolf’s research is not only to explore an important subject, but also to widen the understanding of social science research and dance scholarship within the academy, and to demonstrate that when approached with a critical mindset, art can be scholarly, socially relevant, and politically active.
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  • 2012-04-12
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  • 2019-12-02
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