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The Racialized Stereotype of a Criminal as presented within Television Newscasts Public Deposited

  • Throughout various decades, the news media has provided readily accessible depictions of criminality to audiences. The importance of the criminal suspect to the broadcast medium means that crime news is often presented with racial imagery. The criminal typification of race is characterized as the representation in which crime is stereotypically portrayed as an African American phenomenon (Chiricos & Eschholz, 2002). To examine this issue, I produced a 20-minute podcast titled I Am Not What You Think. The podcast focuses on sharing the personal story of an African American male student who experiences the adversity that comes with being stereotyped as a criminal. I chose to produce a podcast because the audio platform allows for audiences to hear the emotions that come with an individual telling their story of how racialized stereotypes have affected their lives. Based on the research and the project that I conducted, I conclude that the criminal typification of African American males within local television news not only reinforces racist stereotypes to audiences, but also negatively influences the social identity of African American males.

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  • 2018-04-01
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  • 2019-12-23
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