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    This research employed in-situ soundscape methodology for the examination of soundscapes on the CU campus. The surveys were carried out in accordance with methodologies outlined in the ISO standards and other recently published studies. This data analysis followed a primarily descriptive and exploratory approach. The study's aim was to investigate the soundscape characteristics associated with two specific campus participants' perceptions in the two locations (one indoor, one outdoor), distinctions between morning and afternoon timeframes, and the activities occurring within them. Participants invited to participate in this study were CU's campus members, making them local experts in its soundscapes.

    In this soundscape research, distinct sundscape characteristics in outdoor and indoor environments were investigated. The outdoor setting featured more solitary participants, while the indoor location was marked by a higher level of social interaction among users. Both locations were perceived as vibrant and pleasant, with the highest reported averages for human-generated sounds in both settings. Additionally, the study delved into the impact of time of day on soundscape perceptions. Mornings were associated with calm and pleasant charactersitcs, attracting more solitary participants. In contrast, afternoons were characterized by vibrancy and eventfulness, with a greater presence of socially interactive participants. In terms of activity participation, working on school assignments emerged as the most prevalent activity reported in both locations and times of day. In conclusion, this study revealed the importance of considering both indoor and outdoor spaces and times of day when understanding how members of the CU campus community engage in various activities.

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  • 2023-10-30
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  • 2023-12-01
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
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