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  • The project I have decided to defend for my Honors Thesis is a creative writing realistic fiction piece. It will meet the requirements of being 35-50 pages and the story I plan on writing to meet this criterion, is part of the memoir I have wished to write. I have always wanted to write a memoir. I thought that presenting an Honors Thesis on section of my memoir, would be a challenging and fun idea to do for myself. By doing my Honors Thesis on my memoir, it would allow me to one: start writing my memoir, two: allow me to get better at writing by stimulating and experimenting with my creative fiction abilities and three: I would be doing a thesis on something I am passionate about, which is writing. I want to become a better writer and the only way to achieve this is that I continue to practice writing more. I figure this experience will be the perfect opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge and skills in writing. Currently, I am only twenty years old, but my memoir is going to be about my childhood (middle school, high school and early college years) because I have gone through hardships and experiences most children my age, do not go through nor ever should experience in their entire life. I want my memoir to share my story. I desire to let people know what makes me the person I am today due to all of the trials of life I have gone through and am still fighting today. I hope my memoir inspires and gives other people going through tough times courage that they can get through it and that life will always get better. I have slowly begun to learn that there is always something good in life, even if you don’t see it. My memoir can be something people turn to in order to make themselves feel more comfortable talking about certain controversial topics and make people feel as they have a voice and are allowed to share their own troubling experiences. Someday, I do plan on expanding this piece into a full memoir and publishing it for the world to enjoy. After all, one of my dreams is to be a famous author and this can be my start.
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  • 2019-01-01
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