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Women: Sublime and Beautiful Public Deposited

  • The Sublime has been characterized by the gendered dichotomy of the Beautiful versus the Sublime. It is proposed that Femininity is associated with the Beautiful and Masculinity with the Sublime. I wish to challenge this notion and assert that the Sublime and the Beautiful are two sides of the Feminine. Freud’s theory of the Madonna/Whore Complex splits the Mother image in two, the good mother and the bad mother, or the Beautiful and the Sublime. The Sublime works outlined in this thesis follow a man that seeks something greater than himself, or the Sublime; he does this through women or Nature. Nature is often referred to as a feminine entity, therefore the Sublime is a pathway for Man to connect with the Feminine. Connection with women or solitude in Nature is a binary that represents one idea: Love, or more specifically Mother’s Love. In our patriarchal world, man encounters the Sublime though Nature and Woman, also known as The Divine Feminine.

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  • 2022-04-01
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  • 2022-04-11
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