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Rural-to-Urban Migration: An Investigation of the Connection Between Housing and Educational Attainment in Shanghai Public Deposited

  • In light of its recent and rapid economic growth, China has captivated the attention of the international community. Beyond China’s reputation as a rising economic power are the people who have played a critical role in establishing and sustaining the country’s upward trajectory—migrants. China has experienced the largest rural-to-urban migration in modern history. The individuals and families moving are motivated by the prospect of gaining access to better economic and educational opportunities that are otherwise scarce in rural regions. The transition into major cities, however, is burdened by many challenges. Institutional barriers including the household registration system—also known as the hukou—and city-specific policies are enforced in a manner that target and disadvantage migrants. The uneven distribution of resources and benefits among migrants and local residents creates a dichotomy that exhibits the negative impacts of discriminatory processes targeted toward rural migrants. Shanghai, one of the top destinations for rural-to-urban migrants, continues to showcase many of the difficult realities among migrants adapting to the urban lifestyle. Two critical and highly-impacted aspects of one’s lifestyle are housing and education. Institutional barriers create regulations that favor locals in both of these realms, leaving migrants with limited, unaffordable, and low quality options. The relationship between housing and education for migrants in urban areas is primarily dictated by the bounds of institutional barriers such as miniscule housing assistance and not allowing high school migrants to take the college entrance examination. In addition to the segregation that results from these modern-day regulations, data shows that there may be an interconnectedness between these two entities. Housing arrangements for migrant families may further burden a student’s educational attainment and create schooling-related challenges stemming the household registration system.

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  • 2020-04-15
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  • 2020-05-07
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