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To Kill Thy Brother: Kin-Strife, Power, and Politics in the Medieval Welsh Dynasty of Powys Public Deposited

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  • This paper addresses the issue of kin-strife in the Welsh kingdom of Powys during the period from 1066 to 1160 during the Anglo-Norman conquest of Wales. The practice of kin-strife while a long-standing part of Welsh culture was intensified and encouraged in the kingdom of Powys by Anglo-Norman kings in their attempts to secure control over Wales. This paper argues that despite these attempts by the Anglo-Normans and bouts of kin-strife the royal family of Powys managed secure a large amount of unity and stability within their kingdom. Further, what undermined the power of Powys was not kin-strife, but the adherence by the princes of Powys in 1160 to the practice of partible Inheritance.
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  • 2016-01-01
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