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The Synthesis Of Stannylated C1 Nucleophilic Monosaccharides For Use In The Stille Coupling Reaction Public Deposited

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  • The investigation sought to determine whether a transition metal coupling reaction with aryl halides could be utilized to form glycoconjugates, carbohydrate-containing molecules, specifically C-Aryl Glycosides. Our successful novel application in glycochemistry employs the Stille coupling reaction and improves the viability of accessing a range of glycogonjugates for biological and therapeutic screening.(¹) The reaction maintains exceptional retention of configuration from the carbohydrate-metal bond in the completed sp3 carbon – sp2 carbon bond of the produced glycoside. A synthesized library of C-aryl Glycosides was established utilizing this methodology; from which a selective schema was submitted for publication. This technology provides a route to discrete carbohydrate building blocks that can be assembled with minimal reagents and moderate synthetic knowledge. These building blocks can then be stereo-specifically attached to molecules of interest under a set of general catalytic conditions; expediting the investigation of carbohydrate’s role in biochemical processes that was limited by substrate dependent laborious processes of glycoconjugate formation.

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  • 2017-01-01
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  • 2020-01-28
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