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25BD1: Searching for Patterns of Community Organization, Household Level Craft Specialization in the Lithic Assemblage of Northeastern Nebraska Plains Village Public Deposited


    Archaeologists who have previously excavated at 25BD1 have identified concentrations of artifacts that are most likely trash pits or middens related to different households. This project looks at whether or not different kinds of tools occur in different frequencies in these concentrations to search for evidence of possible household-level craft specialization. Based on the artifact densities of stone tools uncovered by Earl Bell’s 1936 investigation into 25BD1, I submit that there was some level of household craft specialization at 25BD1 during the time it was occupied. Different types of stone tools show clear concentrations along the excavated area associated with middens. Spatial distribution of artifacts can be a powerful tool for archaeologists, especially when used in conjunction with lithic analysis due to their visibility in the archaeological record.

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  • 2022-11-02
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  • 2022-11-09
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