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MOD Food: Design of a Semi-Permanent Modular Food System for Educational Innovation Public Deposited

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  • Food is the one consistent variable between cultures and communities that unites people. In the last 80 years, as a result of the shift from locally owned family farms to the industrial scale production of cash crops, consumers have become isolated and alienated from where food comes from and how it is grown (Ferdman, 2014) This lack of understanding is due to an absence of education about food production, raising the question: How can food production be reimagined and presented in a way that is eye catching, promotes a healthy diet, and fosters an excitement about and fundamental understanding of how food grows? As defined in my thesis, urban agriculture is a contemporary response to some of these problems, aiming to re-educate and re-connect people to food in a hands on way. MOD Food aims to advance this example by sparking a discussion about, and responding to, these questions to provide a system that is functional, adaptable, and educational for a multitude of ages, demographics, and communities. I create a new mobile food installation to fill the gaps in the existing and innovative modular food systems. The design responds to themes in existing mobile food systems. MOD food accomplishes an integration of multiple production methods, drawing from a list of programatic and educational components to provide awareness and education about healthy foods.
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  • 2015-01-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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