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El papel del sector empresarial en la implementación de la tecnología en las escuelas básicas de Chile Public Deposited

  • This thesis asks what role should business play in the implementation of mobile technology in primary school classrooms. For the Chilean context, qualitative results of four onsite interviews with representatives of the Ministry of Education, private sector, nonprofit sector and public school teaching community suggests that mobile technology can enhance the learning environment by developing 21st century skills and increasing the digital literacy of the students, but cannot come at the cost of active teaching time and social interactions among peers. The private sector currently plays a role in three main ways: internet connectivity, sales of devices, and content development of software. The stratification of the education system in Chile as an effect of neoliberal education policies also suggests that the implementation strategy in public schools vs. voucher schools vs. private schools will look much different and this is a consideration the private sector must keep in mind. A strong relationship with the Ministry of Education, municipalities, and nonprofit sector are key to ensure private sector involvement in mobile education in Chile achieves an increase in education quality and educational inclusion.
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  • 2017-01-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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