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The Consumption of Lionfish as a Control of an Invasive Species in Bermuda Public Deposited

  • This research focuses on how lionfish are affecting the waters of the Caribbean Sea and western Atlantic Ocean, and the practices in place to control the lionfish invasion. The presence of lionfish in these areas is a significant problem because of the detrimental effect they have on coral reef ecosystems. Countries in the Atlantic that are directly dependent on underwater ecosystems for their economy, and the global underwater environment in general, are at risk. My research aimed to determine if consuming lionfish can be a viable way of reducing lionfish in Bermuda. I approached this question by surveying three categories of people in Bermuda: commercial fishermen, professional chefs, and members of the general public. There is a significant group of the population able to catch lionfish as well as a signification portion of chefs willing to learn how to prepare and serve lionfish. In order to establish a sustainable lionfish fishery, there needs to be modifications to fishing laws as well as efforts that encourage the sale of lionfish in restaurants.
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  • 2016-01-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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