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The Future of Theatre is Trans An Exploration of Transgender Identities in Diasporic Communities Through Performance Writing Public Deposited

  • The purpose of this thesis is to explore how performance writing about transgender identities in theatre expands upon histories within the Vietnamese and Black American communities, with regards to cultural practises and assimilation into the United States. With a synthesis of autobiographical experiences and queer theory, I will self produce an original play exploring the nature of intersectional identities across race, gender, and citizenship. Last Stop is an original full length play that will highlight a cast of only people of colour and especially, a cast of majority Asian Americans. As a transgender Vietnamese and Black American undergraduate, I seek to create work of importance for marginalised peoples and share a history so often underrepresented or simply not performed at all. I plan to also act in the role of the lead transgender identifying character to further explore the process of self producing work as both a playwright and an actor. In this way, I am not only exploring the intersectionality of self identity but also the intersectionality within the theatrical artist profession. The ultimate goal of this thesis is to focus on how personal, transgender experiences can enhance and inform theatrical performance writing, culminating in the production of Last Stop outside of campus through the Denver Arts and Venues grant.
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  • 2019-01-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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