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Promoting digestive health brands on social media: The true impact of advertising on consumers. Public Deposited

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  • Digestive health advertising has a substantial societal impact. The market for digestive health supplements has seen remarkable growth, with revenues reaching billions of dollars. The increase in market value is paralleled by an increase in digestive issues among consumers, leading to a heightened demand for digestive health supplements aimed at managing these conditions. However, the marketing tactics that digestive health brands use for these products, especially through social media, provide context on a much larger concern about the influence of advertising on consumer perceptions and the ethical implications of these practices. My thesis aims to explore the impact of advertising strategies on consumer behavior and highlight the need for more ethical marketing approaches. Drawing from a content analysis of digestive health brands’ social media pages and online strategic communication tactics, this research aims to identify how advertising can shape consumer bias and preferences in the digestive health supplement market. I hope to contribute to the discourse on transparency within advertising practices and the promotion of consumer responsibility and safety.

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  • 2024-04-04
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  • 2024-04-15
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