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‘Shapes Overlapping Like Endless Venn Diagrams’ - An Exploration of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships while Directing Photograph 51 by Anna Ziegler Public Deposited

  • In order to understand how the working relationships between the collaborators at King’s College, London – Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins, Ray Gosling, and Don Caspar – and the collaborators at Cambridge University – James Watson and Francis Crick – failed or succeeded in Anna Ziegler’s play Photograph 51, I investigated the characters’ interpersonal interactions through a model of relationship integration and disintegration, their individual conflict management styles, the characters’ use of supportive and defensive communication, and the characters’ use of confirming and disconfirming behaviors. I utilized stage pictures, lighting and scenic design, and a combination of projections and costuming to display the nature of these interpersonal interactions onstage. I used the same relationship theories to inform my directing and facilitate an effective and positive production process.
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  • 2018-01-01
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  • 2019-12-02
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