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The Tentativeness and Trustworthiness of Science Public Deposited

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  • This study explores how educational experiences influence the understanding of the tentativeness and trustworthiness of science. Previous researchers created instruments to measure how an individual’s educational experience impacts their understanding of the tentativeness of science and identified factors that affect trust in science. However, no studies looked into education, trust, and the tentativeness of science together. To address this relationship, we created a survey with open-ended questions and likert-style items. After distributing the survey, we used statistical hypothesis testing to determine if any correlations existed between questions and different demographics groups. Contrary to what we expected, the results found that formal collegiate education was not a significant predictor of ideas about the tentativeness and trustworthiness of science, rather, political party affiliation was the strongest predictor of an individual's response. Further research in this area could explore the relationships of intersectional identities and the impact of different types of education.

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  • 2023-04-12
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  • 2023-04-18
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