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  • Judgment Space Methodology in Behavior Pattern Indexing Judgment space methods are applied to the problem of identifying, distinguishing, and automatically processing descriptions of behavior patterns which are of interest to criminal justice agencies. This methodology provides continuous, quantitative indexing in contrast to the traditional discrete, qualitative indexing. It offers the following advantages for research and evaluation. (a) A quick screening for improving the quality of the data base (b) A sensitive and distinctive dependent variable for studying criminal behavior as a function of significant influences or merely change over time (c) Empirical derivation of indexing categories (d) A benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral indexing and retrieval systems. The specific products of the project include the following. (a) Parametric analyses of criminal episodes (b) Two behavioral indexing systems (c) A functional computerized Modus Operandi File, using the Colorado Bureau of Investigation data base (d) Empirical tests of the system for purposes (a), (b), and (d), above.
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  • 1980-04-01
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