Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia Public Deposited
  • This report is a transcript of a paper presented at the Society for Descriptive Psychology annual conference at Boulder, Colorado in October, 1987. I. Hypothesis a. Background data b. Hypothesis: Concreteness as significance deficit II. Explanation 1 a. Background data: concrete / context 6. Significance/context/reality/concrete/Little White Balls c. Distortion of reality: Unthinkability model d. Distortion of reality: Insistence model III. Reconstruction a. Why is there such a thing as significance? 1. Judgment Diagram 2. Being a banker / acting as a banker b. There's no such thing as significance; Up the Down Staircase IV. Explanation 2: There will be unthinkable 2, 3, 4 significance (Fig. 2) a. Thoughts at levels 2, 3, 4 will not be real, not my thoughts b. If no significance, no affect V. Explanation 3: There will be unthinkable A, B, C productions--not real / not mine / non-existent a. Reading my thoughts b. Emotional reactions not mine--they were put there c. Impulses, desires not mine--they were put there d. "Private language" e. Rituals
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