A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Impact-Resistant Asphalt Shingle Roofing--Overview Public Deposited

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  • The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction creates and disseminates disaster resilience knowledge for Canada. Among the catastrophes ICLR addresses are hailstorms, one of Canada’s most serious natural hazards. Hail costs $400 million annually. A June 2020 hailstorm at the edge of Calgary damaged 77,000 homes and cost $1.4 billion. Much of that money paid for roof repairs. A direct hit on Calgary could be 5 to 10 times worse. Though the hailstorm is inevitable, the  catastrophe is not. This document summarizes a study of one way that homeowners and insurers can prevent costly hail damage: by using impact-resistant asphalt shingle roofs instead of standard shingles. Impact-resistant roof shingles look like ordinary shingles, but have material that makes them resistant to hail damage. When struck by large hailstones, they resist pits and fractures that would otherwise allow water to pool or penetrate beneath them. And they resist cosmetic damage like the loss of granules: the specks that cover the shingle surface.

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