Building and Enhancing Global Connections through Sister Libraries Public Deposited
  • “Building and Enhancing Global Connections through Sister Libraries” is a report prepared by the 2017 Emerging Leaders (ELs) Group C members for the American Library Association’s (ALA) International Relations Round Table (IRRT). The ELs were tasked with identifying factors that lead to successful and sustainable international library partnerships, proposing new approaches to improve the sustainability of these partnerships, and providing updated information and materials about Sister Libraries (SL) partnerships. Data was collected through a literature review, emailed questionnaire, and online survey. The most frequently mentioned factors for a successful SL partnership were having a formal agreement, being in frequent communication, having face-to-face visits, having a flexible mindset, and planning a trial period. Recommendations for improving the SL program centered around how partnerships are created, marketing and outreach, and participant resources. The ELs also created a template survey for collecting SL participants’ contact information and success stories, a list of potential funding opportunities, and a template Memorandum of Understanding.

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  • 2017-09-01
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  • June 23, 2017-June 26, 2017
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