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A Space Opera Public Deposited

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  • In the year 2072 President Joe Chirt has led the United States into World War III. An alliance of Russia, Turkey, and the TechnoCore (a confederation of liberated Artificial Intelligences) aims to end American hegemony and existence. With the aid of alien technology, genetically engineered plants and animals, and most crucially the artificially intelligent and weaponized spirit of the Internet Porngeorge, however, the President is far from defenseless. He drafts a reservist and civil servant named Jayd Black as part of the war effort, prompting another civil servant named Josph Severian, who just happens to feel a deep unrequited love for Jayd, to launch a convoluted plan to earn her an exemption by ghostwriting the President’s autobiography and other creative works. His plan fails, the President’s plans fail, alien intervention fails, and ultimately the Earth is destroyed. This story is told through a mix of traditional libretto and digital clip art collage. It should be considered a work of Prophetic Non-Fiction.
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  • 2018
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