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Exponential Random Graph Models of Social Networks for Engineering Design Firms Public Deposited
  • Effective teams are created with a mission in mind of members collaborating with each other through trust and communication. The Social Network Model of engineering and construction was developed using a dual-focused approach to enhancing professional trust and communications in creating highly effective organizations. This research investigated applications of social network analysis to engineering and design firms using graphics and statistical methods to analyze the organization and team effectiveness. After I conducted an on-line survey for firms that met certain criteria, I analyzed their networks and made recommendations on how to improve their communications with each other to help them improve on their effectiveness. I analyzed their data using statistical methods such as basic statistics and exponential random graph models that can explain formation of the observed networks. Social network analysis can be used to measure their effectiveness and is intended to visualize communication, reliance and trust in each other and assess knowledge exchange, with the assumption that improvements in these variables will help to achieve high performance.
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  • 2012
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  • 2019-11-14
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