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Multipath Transport Protocols for Real Time Communication Systems Public Deposited

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  • Real-Time Communications (RTC) has become an integral part of our daily lives. Platforms like conferencing and live streaming serve as virtual bridges, connecting individuals from diverse corners of the globe. Telepresence technologies have revolutionized remote operations, and the popularity of cloud gaming platforms is increasing rapidly. However, amid this rapid evolution, RTC applications still face persistent challenges such as video freezes, frame drops, and diminished quality that can easily disrupt the RTC flow. The evolving nature of RTC applications, such as Dualgram or Duovisions utilizing multiple camera streams to capture the best of multiple worlds, introduces new bandwidth and latency requirements for RTC. In light of these challenges and the growing demands of these applications, this thesis delves into the core of RTC systems by proposing transport protocols that align with their current requirements. We explore utilizing the multiple network interfaces present in most devices to pave the solution. With a focus on enhancing streaming through Multipath TCP and pioneering a new multipath standard for WebRTC, this study proposes a multipath transport solution for RTC systems.


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  • 2023-11-25
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  • 2024-01-18
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