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  • Jane is a collection of poetry that investigates the connections between the (seemingly disconnected) material and immaterial domains, ultimately by mediating both realms through a direct experience of the divine. The thesis consists of three individual sections which progress into a final long piece that illustrates how such an experience affects the individual on an ontological level wherein distinctions between the objective and subjective are dissolved. Prior to this, Jane explores how objects and subjects interact with each other and themselves, treating both as uncanny articulations of Being. It also utilizes biblical texts (and the events, characters, and items within said texts) as a way to further narrow the gap between subject and object. Finally, in the concluding portion of the text referenced above, a personal account of conversion qua divine encounter is played out demonstrating how numinous confrontation brings all things together.
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  • 2016
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  • 2019-11-17
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