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Scalable Quantum Light Sources in Silicon Photonic Circuits Public Deposited
  • Chip-scale integrated photonic circuits provide an attractive platform for the implementation of many quantum photonic technologies ranging from precise metrology to secure communication and quantum computation. In particular, silicon photonic platforms support micron-scale nonlinear optical sources of non-classical light which can be mass manufactured using the robust fabrication processes pioneered by the CMOS microelectronics industry. Integration of these quantum photonic sources with high-performance classical photonic devices on the same chip is required for truly scalable quantum information technologies. Integrated nonlinear resonators are investigated as sources of quantum mechanically correlated photon pair sources. An all-order dispersion engineering method is presented as a robust design synthesis for micoring sources. In addition, a novel concept of coupled mode dispersion compensation is proposed and demonstrated, providing significantly improved performance characteristics of resonant four-wave mixing sources. Next a photon pair source is demonstrated in a commercial CMOS microelectronics process opening the door to future integration of quantum photonics with electronic logic and control circuits. Classical nonlinear optical measurements of stimulated four-wave mixing are used for the first time to accurately predict the quantum correlations from the same device operating in the photon pair regime. Next the first demonstration of fully on-chip pump rejection is demonstrated with over 95 dB pump extinction improving the figures of merit from previous demonstrations by multiple orders of magnitude, including losses, detected pair rates and size. Finally, proposals for introducing novel degrees of freedom provided by an integrated platform are presented for further improving the performance of both photon pair and classical nonlinear optical sources.
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  • 2018
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  • 2019-11-14
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