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An Experimental Study to Determine the Effects of a Group of Short Stories Translated from Spanish American Literature on the Attitudes of a Group of Sixth Grade Children Towards Spanish Americans Public Deposited
  • The need for international understanding is perhaps more urgent today than at any time in the history of civilization. Consequently, schools need to discover means of preparing the world's future adults to live together in peace. International understanding 1s based on attitudes of goodwill on the part of all peoples. The schools, therefore, are confronted with the problem of how to develop in children attitudes conducive to peace. A variety of methods and materials need to be found that will produce better international understanding. This study was undertaken as an exploratory study to test experimentally one method of improving international understanding. The problem of the study was to determine the effect of a group of stories translated from Spanish American literature on the attitudes of a group of sixth grade children. The need for the study stems from the many assumptions advocating the use of foreign literature as a means of improving international understanding. The study was conducted as an experiment, using two equated groups: a control group and an experimental group.

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  • 1952
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