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Kaleidoscopic Inquiries: Queering Approaches to Organizational Diversity Work Public Deposited

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  • This multi-site qualitative research project situates organizational diversity work as its object of study. I utilize a queer theoretical framework that centers attention on the role of normativity in diversity work, which I subsequently frame through the use of kaleidoscopic methodology. I find that diversity work assists in producing an ontological bifurcation of the individual and organization that ultimately emphasizes the individual and frames the organization as primarily an accessory to personal development. My analysis traces three metaphors related to diversity work – journey, container, and table – and considers them alongside the practices of training, data collection, and positional leadership as a means of understanding how this bifurcation arises in diversity work and its potential effects. The pernicious bifurcation of organization and individual serves to reinstate the very inequities that diversity work seeks to address, necessitating a more durable disruption of both diversity work and organizing.

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  • 2021-09-06
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  • 2022-03-15
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