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I Am a Magic Carpet: Life in a Liminal Space Public Deposited
  • The life of immigrants is discussed in two chapters: living in the country of origin and living abroad. The space that exists in between these two countries and places, is diminished and not discussed because it is not physical but more of a mental space that is rarely recognized unless it is experienced firsthand. Even though only a minority of people will understand this liminal space, it is important to be aware of its existence. Those who reside in this space need to recognize they are not alone, even if their liminal space is different from others, so that they can easier cope with living in this world. This thesis explores my life as a female Iranian immigrant in this liminal space. I illustrate my post-immigration experience and life in between places by incorporating images into an optical device of my creation, which contains constructed photographs to inform my audience. Through this piece, I construct a place and time I have experienced since my immigration. In order to do so, I examine perspectives and elements that impact this liminality. In this paper I first define liminal space and show how this space is a product of a liminal identity, which for me is symbolic of a magic carpet. I conclude how these ideas connect to my work.
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  • 2018
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