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On Some Min-Max Cardinals on Boolean Algebras Public Deposited
  • This thesis is concerned with cardinal functions on Boolean Algebras (BAs) in general, and especially with min-max type functions on atomless BAs. The thesis is in two parts:

    (1) We make use of a forcing technique for extending Boolean algebras. The same type of forcing was employed in [BK81], [Kos99], and elsewhere. Using and modifying a lemma of Koszmider, and using CH, we prove some general extension lemmas, and in particular obtain an atomless BA, A such that f(A) = smm(A) = w < u(A) = w1. The example answers questions which were raised by [Mon08] and [Mon11].

    (2) We investigate cardinal functions of min-max and max type and also spectrum functions on moderate products of Boolean algebras. We prove several theorems determining the value of a function on a moderate product in terms of the values of that function on the factors.

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  • 2015
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  • 2020-01-22
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