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  • In my work, I have concerned myself with the presentation of an abstracted human figure. I have attempted to answer the following question: How far can the human figure be abstracted and yet still retain some relationship to the human form? 

    This body of work is divided into two groups, one portraying the upper torso while the other portrays the full figure. Both groups of work utilize the same constructional techniques and are involved with the gestural qualities of the human figure. In my newest work, the full figures, I have incorporated an angular placement of the components comprising the figures. The result being an increased sense of gestural movement, tension, and a decreased emphasis of the vertical axis of the figures. 

    As a result of completing this body ·of work, I have become increasingly concerned with portraying an abstract figure. The full figure works placed centrally in the room are the newest pieces chronologically and also the strongest work in the show, in that the scale, the use of altered human characteristics, and the placement of cutouts work together to portray an abstract form that still retains some relationship to the human figure.


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  • 1980-12-15
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